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Environment main motivation for electrifying fleets, Arval finds

Date: 20 May 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Having a lower environmental impact is the most popular reason given by fleets either adopting or planning to adopt alternatively-fuelled vehicles, according to leasing company Arval.

The latest research from its Mobility Observatory Barometer found that 56% of fleets gave the environment as a reason for switching, ahead of reducing fuel expenses (53%), tax incentives (40%), and anticipation of future restrictive public policies (40%).

The least commonly named reason was employee requests, given by 29% of fleets.

Head of the Arval Mobility Observatory in the UK Shaun Sadlier said: "In 2021, the subject that the fleet industry has for some years described as 'alternative fuels' is now dominated, almost to the exclusion of other options, by the topic of electrification.

"In that light, this question is largely about the move to battery electric vehicles and the main takeaway from these findings is that this trend is being driven by a wide range of factors. 

"We believe that this is an accurate reflection of the motives of fleets at this point in time. They are planning to move rapidly towards electrification because of the environment, low taxation, competitive whole life costs, corporate image and operational considerations, and all of these reasons are sound.

"This is why fleet adoption of battery EVs is now happening very, very quickly. The number of factors that strongly supports their use as company cars and vans is resulting in considerable momentum."