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Most UK fleet managers think poor driving harms their business, Webfleet Solutions finds

Date: 04 June 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A survey has found 73% of UK fleet managers believe poor driving behaviour negatively impacts their business.

Telematics firm Webfleet Solutions conducted the research, which found that the biggest concern was the use of mobile phones and other devices while driving, named by 71% of respondents, followed by speeding (69%), eating or drinking behind the wheel (68%), and driving while fatigued (67%).

As well as posing a danger to their drivers and other road users, respondents were also concerned about the reputational damage that could be caused to their company, with 65% raising this as a concern.

Survey results from the UK and Europe were used to produce a report in which Webfleet Solutions argues that data-driven technology can support fleet managers in keeping their drivers, vehicles, and other road users safe.

UK and Ireland sales director Beverley Wise said: "This latest research underlines the need to improve road safety of UK fleets, and the best way to achieve that is through better driving habits and improved visibility.

"Legislative change will certainly encourage uptake of technology in the coming years but fleet decision makers should aim to be one step ahead and use technology and telematics to their competitive advantage."