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Electrify before incentives disappear, fleets told

Date: 03 September 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Fleets should take advantage of incentives to adopt EVs now, to avoid missing out if they are reduced or removed in future, according to Venson Automotive Solutions.

The fleet management company has published a new white paper, entitled 'Living with your electric vehicle', with the aim of answering questions potential EV owners and fleet managers may still have on subjects such as EV model availability, charging, and fleet onboarding.

The report highlights incentives currently offered by the UK Government to support electrification, such as the current 1% BIK company car tax rate and the Plug-In Car Grant. However, it also warns fleets that if they do not act soon, they may find they miss out as the government's 2030 date for banning new petrol and diesel car sales approaches.

The paper states: "EVs are increasingly no longer seen to be niche by both the automotive industry and the public at large, and while there are generous subsidies and incentives in place at the moment to encourage a shift, the chances are they won't remain in situ between now and 2030 - look at how the Plug-in Car Grant subsidy has fallen [from £5,000 for any EV and PHEV to £2,500 for any EV costing less than £35,000] in recent years.

"For drivers and companies alike [it is] best to make hay while the sun shines, especially while EVs continue to receive preferential treatment when it comes to taxation."

In addition, the paper raises hopes that concerns over public charging infrastructure - often cited as a barrier to EV adoption - will soon be less of an issue, although a home charger remains the ideal solution.

It states: "With new charging points springing up every day and various commitments - by both the state and the private sector - hopefully the days of public charging point challenges will soon be over, and if you can install a home charging point, it is likely your visits to public chargers will be limited to the occasions in which you need to travel vast distances, as you should be able to start most journeys with a full charge."

Commenting with the release of the white paper, which is available to download from Venson's website, the company's marketing director Alison Bell said: "EVs have been familiar sights on our roads for a decade now and most manufacturers are producing at least one electric model, but in many people's eyes they still carry the poor reputation of early models. 

"However, both the technology and infrastructure have advanced dramatically in the intervening years, and the transformation is set to accelerate further ahead of the 2030 deadline for fossil fuel-powered cars. 

"The industry is on the brink of a seismic shift that will see the 2020s go down in history, just like the industrial revolution. Of course, any significant change brings uncertainty and questions, and we hope our latest white paper answers some of those, so more people will make the switch sooner. 

"With both battery tech and charging infrastructure growing daily, and financial incentives the best they have ever been, there has never been a better time to go electric."