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EVs cheaper to service than ICE cars, Fleet Assist data shows

Date: 03 August 2022   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Battery EVs are on average 22% cheaper to service than petrol or diesel cars, according to data from Fleet Assist.

The supply chain management company said its finding was based on the 850,000 fleet vehicles using its 5,200-strong garage network.

It said much of the reduced cost for EV servicing could be put down to reduced labour times, which were currently 33% shorter for EVs than ICE cars.

In addition, the parts component of an EV job was also found to be 28% cheaper typically than an ICE job, due to having fewer working parts - a factor that has recently become more significant due to increasing parts prices.

However, Fleet Assist warned that this situation may not continue, as dealers may look to increase SMR costs to retain their profitability.

Fleet Assist MD Vincent St Claire said: "Fleet and retail drivers cannot take it for granted that BEV SMR prices will remain cheaper than ICE cars, as over time costs could become more comparable

"Garages are already starting to come to terms with how EVs will impact their servicing revenues and workshop traffic in the longer term. We may see more garages looking at ways to address how the paradigm shift of BEV aftersales is going to challenge their service provision and fees they charge."