Fleets will have little time to prepare for the introduction of the automatic Dart Charge scheme when it is introduced later this month (November) to replace the current toll booth system on the Dartford Crossing.
That’s the view of fleet representative body ACFO, which said it is concerned by the lack of information being provided to fleets on how the new payment process will work and how they can set up an account.

The Dart Charge system will use automatic number plate recognition technology (APNR) to pick up vehicle number plates and then administer a charge to that vehicle.

ACFO also predicted the new system would see a significant increase in administration for fleet managers, and warned fleets could inadvertently be fined thanks to the lack of time to prepare for the changeover.
When the Highways Agency and the Department for Transport fully implement the system motorists will be able to pay for the crossing charges online, by phone, text or at a payzone shop – similar to how an Oyster card is topped up.

“Even at the start of this month businesses have no idea of the start-date for the new system. Fleet managers have been left in the dark and therefore are unable to set up the appropriate in-house systems,” said John Pryor, ACFO chairman.
“Dart Charge is not only a concern for fleets operating close to the Dartford Crossing. We have had fleets based in Scotland asking questions about how the system will work because they have not been able to gather information from the Highways Agency,” said Pryor.