The DVLA has demonstrated its new online licence validation checking service to members of ACFO during a private workshop.

The body of fleet-operators has been working in conjunction with the licensing authority with the development of the checking service, which will go live at the start of 2015 to coincide with the abolition of the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence. Initially, the service will be free for fleet owners.

Dubbed Share My Driving Record, the web-based service will allow employers to view employees’ eligibility to drive and the number of penalty points on their licence.

Currently, motorists can access information that the DVLA holds on them by inputting their driving licence and national insurance numbers as well as their postcode. It is currently unclear how it will be possible to access sensitive information to the SMDR.

“The fact that the DVLA is engaging closely with ACFO and listening to members underlines the high profile the organisation enjoys across Government departments”,  said John Pryor”, ACFO chairman.

“ACFO members hugely welcomed the opportunity to engage directly with the DVLA and view its new service and deliver their own feedback, said Pryor.