Taxi company Addison Lee has acquired London-based passenger car service Climate Cars and its fleet of 115 hybrid vehicles for an undisclosed sum.

Climate Cars claimed it is one of the first private-hire companies to offer what it calls a full service comprised entirely of hybrid cars.

The vehicles will sit alongside Addison Lee’s corporate, VIP and international divisions. Addison Lee currently operates a fleet of 4800 vehicles in and around London.

“This deal will boost our Add Lee Eco offering, providing more variety for our passengers but with the same best-in-class experience they expect,” said Liam Griffin, chief executive officer of Addison Lee. “This comes in addition to the upgrades we’ve made to our app, the 4G Wi-Fi we’ve implemented into our vehicles and the new customer loyalty scheme we’ve just launched. All of which are designed to enhance the Addison Lee passenger service even further.”

Addison Lee also recently acquired executive car company Cyclone Cars & Couriers for an undisclosed sum.

It was Addison Lee’s ninth acquisition in five years and the company said the move “highlights the commitment to providing first-class services to passengers and businesses”.

Cyclone employs around 100 drivers to service corporate clients around London. It is based in Camden and claims it has a large fleet of vehicles.