Activate Group Ltd (AGL), the holding company for a group of businesses in the fleet incident management, risk management and insurer solutions sector, has acquired three brands in the vehicle repair, insurance claims and technology sectors. 

The companies are Sopp + Sopp, a Peterborough-based commercial and fleet repair specialist, Car Repair Network (CRN), a Yorkshire-based personal lines repair and engineering management provider, and Vigilance, a specialist claims technology company that deploys cutting edge solutions to support insurers in the fight against fraud. 

The acquisitions are part of AGL’s ambitious plans to grow turnover by 40% in the next 12 months, and the company also expects to announce further acquisitions and partnerships in the near future.

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AGL executive chairman Mark Woods tells BusinessCar that the goal for fleets is to reduce off-road times and cut claims costs.

“Having Sopp + Sopp, CRN and Vigilance ‘under one roof’ means that these three independent businesses can work for clients and help them discover vulnerabilities, help them target and eliminate leakage, and reduce the overall cost of ownership over a vehicle’s life,” he explains. “Existing customers stand to benefit from our proprietary case management systems, significantly enhancing operational delivery.”

As for the acquisition of Sopp + Sopp, Woods says the company has an excellent reputation in the fleet repair and claims management space.

“It is an industry-leading performer with unique capabilities including an in-house team of specialist engineers, in-house call centre and a market-leading 88% success rate on third-party capture, which ensures fleets reduce their exposure to complex claims when their own driver is at fault,” says Woods. “We plan to leverage the existing goodwill Sopp + Sopp has built over time and build on the great reputation it has already generated since founding in 2003.”

Woods also explains that with these acquisitions, AGL can provide customers with access to a nationwide network of over 500 independent vehicle repair specialists, over 120 staff including an in-house engineering workforce and a wide range of innovative technologies. Its customers already include Hertz, Boots, DHL and Acado.

Mark Wilcox, chairman of AGL, added: “The brands we have acquired are well established with strong customer relationships in the fleet management, corporate and insurance markets. These relationships will be carefully nurtured and maintained with the immediate benefit of an expanded group capability that can provide tailored solutions for clients.”

“This is a business full of opportunity,” adds Woods. “AGL is focused on combining the very best from its people, technology and a nationwide, independent repair network to deliver a competitive product.”