ALD Automotive has become the 47th organisation to become a Driving for Better Business champion after reducing crashes by almost a third.

The company, which manages a 52,000-strong fleet company cars and vans, has done this by implementing safe driving policies. These include creating a menu-driven suite of risk management services that enables customers to implement similar best practice at-work driving safety solutions.

ALD Automotive managing director Keith Allen said, “Proactive management of work-related road risk is a key element of risk mitigation with regard to corporate manslaughter and the effective delivery of our duty of care to both our employees and others affected by our work activities.

“The promotion of a safe driving culture has long been valued within ALD Automotive and is a principle we promote both internally and externally.”

In the last five years, the company’s accident rate has been cut from 64% to 39% and is mostly parking and manoeuvring incidents.

To help customers implement at-work driving safety measures, ALD Automotive offers DriveSafe Solutions which is “designed to establish a lasting risk reduction programme for all employees who drive on business”. It includes licence checks, driver profiling, safety workshops, driver training, vehicle maintenance, accident management, journey profiling, grey fleet management, tyre safety and insurance checks.

Allen added: “As a result of our experience both internally and through the provision of DriveSafe to our customers we are acutely aware of the ever present dangers involved in work-related driving. We must be vigilant and rigorous in our application of our occupational road risk policy and this must be continually updated in line with new research and legislation.”

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