Alfa Romeo will not launch a green sub-brand, similar to Bluemotion from Volkswagen, instead favouring an overall green approach similar to BMW‘s Efficient Dynamics plan.

Nicolas Bernard Alfa’s UK managing director, speaking to BusinessCar at the London show, said: “We’ve no plans for an Alfa green sub-brand, but if you look at Mito, there’s already a sub-120g/km car.

“Our approach [to lowering emissions] is that we can do better with traditional systems.”

Bernard revealed Alfa will get stop-start technology in 18 months’ time: “We will get stop-start in the next 147, codenamed 149, that will have it first. It’s a cheap solution.”

For 2009 Bernard revealed the Mito supermini, which goes on sale in January, will be the firm’s biggest seller accounting for more than half of the brands registrations.

Total Mito sales are expected to top 8000 but “could get to 9000”, said Bernard. Around half of Mito sales will be to fleet.

Commenting on Alfa’s fleet outlook Bernard added: “Three years ago, people were saying no thanks when we called. We’ve spent three years changing the network and improving quality and perception is slowly changing. People are now calling us again and we’re getting back onto fleet lists.

“Fleet is not an area that Alfa is going to push, but we want to be there.”