Tesla Supercharger payment compatibility has been added to Allstar Chargepass.

The EV manufacturer’s own charging network includes more than 1,300 UK chargers, with more than 400 of these currently open to non-Tesla vehicles.

Customers will need to download the Tesla app and input their Allstar EV card to view all available chargers and pay for charging.

Allstar Chargepass UK MD Ashley Tate said: “The Tesla Supercharger network is a fantastic addition to the Allstar network. Tesla is known for being the largest and most reliable fast charging network in Europe, while Allstar Chargepass is the UK’s only combined payment solution powering businesses transitioning to electric.

“The addition of Tesla enables Allstar customers to charge at some of the fastest chargers at the most desirable locations and makes Allstar one of the largest EV charging networks dedicated to business in the UK.

“This partnership further strengthens Allstar’s mission to provide the simple, convenient ways to pay and mange EV charging costs, combining Tesla’s existing hassle-free charging experience, with Allstar’s multi-branded EV charging network.”