Leasing company Alphabet has introduced a new series of Business Briefings, designed to address key subjects for fleet decision makers.

The briefings have been developed based on feedback from UK-based small and medium-sized (SME) fleets about the issues which are most important to them.

Available on Alphabet’s website, they have been introduced by the company’s UK head of marketing and business development Agata Stachaszewska, who recently moved across from its Munich headquarters. 

She said: “Our new briefings have been designed to give fleet decision makers and influencers some answers to the big questions keeping them awake at night.

“Firstly: ‘How can I ensure my vehicle fleet is helping, rather than hindering, the bottom line of my business?’

“Secondly: ‘What do I need to know about changing emissions regulations and tax legislation – and what can I do about it?’

“Third and finally: ‘How do I know if what I’m doing is enough in terms of my duty of care responsibilities – and how can I keep up to date?'”

Stachaszewska said the introduction of the briefings was part of Alphabet’s increased focus on the SME and commercial vehicle sectors, with other recent developments in this area including the expansion of the AlphaCity car sharing service, and launching a new SME area of the company’s website. 

She added: “Our ambition is not to stand still but continue to innovate for the benefit of our customers, harness the potential of technology allied with our knowledge and mobility expertise, and so continue our journey of digital transformation.”