Leasing company Alphabet GB has introduced a newly-upgraded online service booking portal.

The updated service features connected car functionality and proactive alerts, designed to provide customers with real-time SMR notifications, including of MOTs and safety recalls.

The new features are said to allow asset-based insight to be communicated directly from a vehicle to the portal, ensuring notifications for all outstanding and upcoming SMR items are presented to customers as soon as they enter. SMR requirements are clustered and prioritised within the portal and any items due are automatically pre-selected.

The portal, developed in partnership with i247 Group, is accessible through Alphabet’s driver app and website.

Alphabet GB business development manager Andy Williams said: “We’re very excited to announce our move to a proactive SMR solution, enabling us to offer a streamlined, fully digital and more sustainable vehicle management process. 

“With maintenance requirements consolidated, the number of appointments vehicles need to attend are reduced, minimising cost and downtime while ensuring immediate maintenance requirements are prioritised. 

“The recent addition of connected car functionality highlights our commitment to digitalisation and the innovation our partnership with i247 Group can create. We look forward to continuing to provide industry-first solutions that help keep fleets on the move and make mobility easy for our customers.”

I247 Group commercial director Steve Thornton said: “We strive to create game changing solutions to enhance partner propositions, so we’re really happy with the outcomes our online booking service portal is delivering for Alphabet customers. 

“The portal’s proactive features are designed to optimise vehicle mobility, whilst its intelligent logic-based steering ensures work is routed to the correct service provider, making the solution easy and convenient to use.  

“Over 2,000 Alphabet customers are now using the portal each month and our range of proactive digital tools are growing online utilisation levels further. We recognise the importance digitisation and proactivity has within in-life maintenance services and the solution we’ve developed with Alphabet is just the start of many exciting things to come from this partnership.”