Leasing company Alphabet GB has appointed Sascha Fricke as its new head of process management.

Fricke joins the Farnborough-based organisation from Alphabet International, where he was head of operational risk and compliance.

He began his Alphabet career in 2012, working in specialist risk controlling, during which time he worked to develop and roll out risk controls and IT applications during the firm’s integration with ING Car Lease.

Fricke said: “I’m excited to commence the next chapter of my Alphabet career in a market as sophisticated and highly-developed as UK fleet leasing and mobility. “My background in risk management and compliance will be invaluable in understanding and adapting to the requirements of this highly-regulated UK market, while coming in from our headquarters in Munich means I can also bring a fresh perspective and viewpoint to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

“From my perspective, strong process management is always the backbone of any organisation but it also provides a vital launch pad for a culture of continual improvement and business innovation.”

Alphabet GB chief operating officer Uwe Hildinger said: “I’m delighted to secure Sascha’s talents and experience for the Alphabet management team here in the UK.

“The world of leasing and mobility is increasingly regulated and within our industry there has never been greater focus on digitisation, user experience and diversity of service provision for different customer channels.

‘These are challenges every business faces but they also offer significant opportunities for improved customer experiences, increased operational efficiencies and higher employee satisfaction.

“Effective, agile processes with a strong process management ethos are a critical foundation for success today and in the future.”