Arrests for individual driving offences are not recorded in separate categories, according to a statement by justice minister Maria Eagle, making analysis of different offences such as dangerous and careless driving impossible.

The information was revealed following a parliamentary question tabled by LibDem MP Norman Baker who wanted to know the number of arrests compared to charges and convictions for causing death by careless driving and causing death by dangerous driving.

“The Home Office collect data on arrests for recorded crime broken down at a main offence group level only, covering categories such as violence against the person and robbery. Due to the way the data are collected and held, it is not possible separately to identify the number of arrests made for death by careless or dangerous driving,” said Eagle.

However, the Home Office did reveal that the number of prosecutions and convictions has remained stable over the past few years.

Defendants proceeded against at magistrates courts
and found guilty at all courts for
causing death by dangerous driving,
England and Wales, 2003 – 07
  Proceeded against Found guilty
2003 299 233
2004 287 241
2005 273 255
2006 269 223
2007 276 233