Top-five BC50 leasing company Arval is working with Specsavers’ corporate division in an aim to encourage driver eyecare among employees and customers.

Arval has trialed Specsavers’ evoucher¬† system for employees eyecare, which covers requirements for computer eyewear, safety eyeware and driver eyecare.

The leasing company has also held free road safety forums and driving seminars for its clients. At these events, Specsavers’ driver information packs are distributed to highlight various issues surrounding road safety.

“We consistently promote good road safety practices to our employees and to our customers. While companies have risk-management procedures in place to test the safety of the vehicle, it is important that the vision of the driver is not neglected,” said Tracey Fuller, Corporate Social Responsibility manager at Arval.

“The roadshows that we held for our employees were extremely successful in communicating the importance of driver eyecare and we’re looking forward to distributing the new Specsavers Corporate Driver Information packs to our customers to raise awareness of this important safety area,” said Fuller.