Audi has updated its free Mileage Tracker iPhone app to provide more information than in previous versions for business and fleet drivers.

The app uses GPS tracking information for journeys to calculate any business expenses incurred, however the updated version provides the average speed, efficiency and the percentage of journey that could have been covered if travelling on electric power in the German car maker’s A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid model.

The updated version of the app also allows the user to view a journey on a map, and each journey is saved in a log book. Audi said this makes it easy to pick out a specific journey to expense.

The log book also now allows motorists to view cumulative data over time to see how far they have driven in a year, and it can all be exported via email.

The app – over time, using the cumulative data – will recommend the most suitable model in its line up, based on previous journeys. Audi gives the example of the app suggesting an e-tron model if the user drives short distances.