Autoparts UK has added two Renault Twizy models to its fleet as it aims to reduce its carbon footprint.

The cars will operate out of the firm’s branches in Glasgow and Dundee and will be used to deliver parts to its customers.

A spokesman said the company could take on many more Twizys but it depends on the take-up.

“The Renault Twizy has a 62-mile range on a full battery and it only needs £1 worth of electricity to complete a full charge. We have a large number of customers in central Glasgow and Dundee so using a vehicle like this to complete our rapid deliveries makes perfect sense,” said Craig McCracken, Autoparts UK group factor manager.

“By using electric power, we can deliver the high-quality service that our customers expect – and significantly reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. That gives us and our customers the best of both worlds,” said McCracken.