User-choosers’ favourite brand BMW is to launch a host of green technology next year aimed at cutting CO2 output and improving fuel consumption.

In spring 2007 BMW will introduce a new ultra-efficient 1-series boasting a 20% fuel and CO2 improvement over the current most efficient petrol engine in the range.

However, the technology is expected to find its way onto a wide range of BMW’s core corporate models.

Speaking exclusively to BusinessCar at the launch of the fleet-friendly 325 diesel, BMW UK’s product boss Carl Sanderson said: “The new generation of petrol engines are delivering similar performance to diesels, nearly the same torque and as good economy.”

The technology is being developed under the internal tag ‘Efficient Dynamics,’ a philosophy of improving efficiency without detracting from the driving experience.

Five new technologies are key to the new cars: electronic steering; stop-start systems which turn the engine off when the car is static; de-couplable alternators that improve engine efficiency when a battery is fully charged; super-mild hybrid technology in the form of brake energy regeneration; and an optimal gear indicator to guide the driver.

“All this will give a 20% reduction in CO2 and a 20% reduction in fuel consumption. So its significant for the corporate market,” said Sanderson.

Although he stopped short of naming the exact engine and car, Sanderson did add: “This technology will arrive in spring 2007 in the UK, predominantly in smaller manual cars and initially petrols.”

BusinessCar expects a new entry-level 1-series to be the first use for this new technology.