Bookmaker William Hill has cut its end-of-contract damage charges by more than a third after implementing a new policy in partnership with fleet management firm Zenith.

Where the damage is due to driver fault, the driver is charged £100 for logging a claim, or the cost of the repair if this is less than £100.

If the driver fails to report damage and it is returned at the end of contract with damage they are charged £200.

William Hill has also introduced ad hoc visits from BCA inspectors, who select a random sample of vehicles each month and if a driver is found with damage they have to pay a penalty.

The charging structure, which has meant a 38% decrease in end-of-contract damage charges, was designed to reduce the incidence of damage and to encourage employees to report it before end of contract, as a higher penalty is due if the damage goes unreported.

William Hill fleet manager Andy Potter said the new policy has “improved awareness among employees of the need to look after their cars”.

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