A BP and Texaco fuelcard deal, which means drivers holding either card can use both companies’ filling stations, has now gone live.

Announced in February, the deal gives BP Plus holders access to the second largest network in the UK or one in three of every UK forecourt.

Ranjeev Baines, BP’s UK fuel cards manager, said: “The increased number of sites on the BP Plus network is of great benefit to fleets who look for convenience.

“Even the largest fleets in the UK do not need or use all UK forecourts – which means there are significant benefits to achieving the right balance between price and network.”

He added: “Depending on the volume of fuel required, BP’s prices can mean significant savings – this is something that fleets should be striving to achieve.”

Texaco drivers using BP forecourts will be awarded double Nectar points for two months as an introductory offer.

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