A new global agreement has been announced between EV charging firm BP Pulse and ride-hailing provider Uber.

The agreement, claimed to be the first between a ride-hailing platform and an energy company, is intended to help to help drivers transition to EVs by providing access to charging, including at ultra-fast speeds.

It follows on from the introduction of a rapid-charging hub in London in 2021.

The agreement is set to include bespoke deals for drivers on the Uber platform that are tailored to each market, including providing incentives for them to charge with BP Pulse. The two companies say they will also explore working together on convenience and fuel offers.

Uber is aiming to have 100% of rides on its platform carried out via EVs, micro-mobility, or public transport by 2040.

BP Pulse CEO Richard Bartlett said: “Drivers on Uber’s platform need great value access to the fast, reliable charging infrastructure we’re building as they make the switch to electric. 

“We’re investing billions of dollars worldwide in high-speed EV charging, digital products and services, and large-scale BP Pulse Gigahubs that will help commercial customers eliminate tailpipe emissions.

“I’m delighted we are building on our existing relationship and now have a global agreement to support ride-hail drivers with charging and more, at scale, helping Uber make their incredible 2040 ambition a reality.”

Uber global head of sustainability Christopher Hook said: “We want Uber to be the cleanest platform on Earth because it’s the right thing for consumers, our cities and our business. 

“Getting to 100% electric is not something Uber can do alone. It is a team sport, and it will take partnerships like this to reach zero tailpipe emissions, especially as we know availability of easy to access, affordable charging infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges for drivers.”