BP has launched a new driver and fuel management platform.

BP FleetMove has been designed in partnership with TomTom Telematics.

It combines BP fuel card transaction details with TomTom vehicle and driver performance data, with fleet managers able to access the resulting information via mobile and desktop interfaces.

The new product is available in two forms – a plug-in and go service, aimed at smaller fleets, and the more advanced BP FleetMove Pro.

The plug-in and go service, available with no long-term contract, allows managers to access data, updated every 15 minutes, from a central dashboard.

They can then view, add and manage vehicles and fuel card users with a linked device with the TomTom Curfer app in a web portal, view data including fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and driver efficiency scores, give drivers real-time advice to improve performance, and keep on top of servicing with a centralised view of in-car diagnostics.

FleetMove Pro adds fuel card transactions to driver and vehicle performance reports, and provides live services such as traffic updates, keeping drivers away from jams and providing managers with estimated arrival times.

Andy Allen, UK fuel card manager for BP Fuel Cards, said: “BP FleetMove has been built in a way that makes it scalable.

“So whether managers are using the plug-in and go version or the full suite of services provided by FleetMove Pro, they will have access to a set of tools that will help them better control costs and understand their fleet’s pressure points.”