Business driver safety and sustainability platform Brightmile has released a major app update in partnership with Drivetech.

The update includes improved e-learning from Drivetech, featuring accessibility improvements such as better contrast for those with certain eye conditions, and what is described as a vastly improved user experience on mobile devices. 

The Brightmile app is designed to intervene when a driver performs an unsafe action such as speeding, by providing e-learning content from Drivetech designed to change the risky behaviour. An online portal for managers outlines fleet-level safety trends and areas for improvement. 

Following the update, a single risk score is provided to drivers for instant assessment, and vehicle safety checks and incident reports have also been added.

The app’s driver rewards system has also been updated, so each company can set its own targets and prizes.

A mobile-based system, Brightmile does not require hardwired installation, which the company says makes it easy to deploy for all employee-driven vehicles, including company cars and grey fleet vehicles.

Brightmile CEO and co-founder Dominic Saunders said: “We’re delighted to unveil the latest version of the app, in which drivers have access to more personalised rewards, whether that’s to gain prizes or to donate to charity, to provide yet another boost for fleet safety.”

Drivetech head of product Leo Taylor said: “Our goal is to ensure that driver education is not only effective but also engaging and impactful. With Brightmile’s platform, we’re bringing this commitment to a wider audience.”