Commercial drivers are still risking lives by mobile phone use according to occupational risk companies IAM Fleet training brand Drive & Survive.

The latest official figures for mobile phone use from the Department for Transport show that drivers of vans and commercial vehicles are still taking risks with their own lives and those of others, the firm added.

Simon Elstow, head of training, said: “It is clear that, despite wide publicity on the risks, people are still choosing to ignore advice and use their phones in their vehicles. This is a generally worrying trend, but it seems drivers of commercial vehicles are particularly bad at this.

“All drivers should resist temptation of using their phone whilst driving. Transport managers, and those responsible for transport should ensure their drivers resist calling whilst driving, even with hands-free kits, which although technically legal are still a major distraction,” he said. “That can mean creating a culture where by staff who are out driving are not rung routinely by their office.

Elstow also called for more education of drivers as to why using a phone at the wheel is dangerous.

“Deaths and injuries linked to mobile phone use wreck lives and are completely avoidable. The majority of road users deserve to be protected from an irresponsible and selfish minority and enforcement is, in our view, the key weapon against them.”

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