The only fleet awards decided by readers will be revealed tomorrow (27 Jan) online and in print.

Find out which car will succeed the VW Golf as the 2014 Business Car of the Year, as well as winners in 30 other categories, in the most comprehensive fleet awards in the industry voted by BusinessCar’s readers.

This year we’ve made a change to the categories, splitting four of the most popular volume sectors into premium and mainstream categories, reflecting the growing two-tier nature of certain segments, with the continual encroachment of the prestige brands into traditionally volume vehicle classes.

With that in mind, we’ve added Mainstream and Premium awards in the Supermini, Lower Medium, Upper Medium and Small 4×4 categories. As there are two distinct types of buyer in these segments, it seems fair to reward them both.

The people acquiring a Ford, Vauxhall or Hyundai are rarely also considering BMW, Audi or Mercedes, so we’ll be able to better express which models the industry endorses in these core segments.

But all the traditional award categories remain. The winners for the business car industry’s Headline Awards of Manufacturer, Service Supplier, Green Model and overall Business Car of the Year, have been chosen by readers from a shortlist of the 15 most-relevant new cars launched this year, as well as the now-expanded 16 car categories and 11 classes of service supplier, from leasing company to accident management and remarketing.

Read the 27 January issue or head here to discover which vehicles and companies the fleet community named the best at what they do in 2015.