The BVRLA has announced its Conciliation Service has been approved by the Government under the new Alternative Dispute Resolution regulation.

The new rules to be implemented from 1 October will require traders to give customers with unresolved disputes information about different ADR services.

Only ADR organisations that have been checked by the Trading Standards Institute will be able to be used.

The ADR Regulation coincides with the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act, which replaces the Sale of Goods Act and ensure companies give customers the right to return and/or reject faulty goods.

“I’m delighted that the service the BVRLA has been offering to its members and their customers for more than 20 years has now been approved by the Government,” said Gerry Keaney, BVRLA chief executive.
“Our Conciliation Service gives extra peace of mind because it provides a simple, low cost way to resolve contractual disputes between our members and their customers,” Keaney added.