US brand Cadillac will be offered by Vauxhall’s fleet sales team, ending months of speculation and mixed messages.

The UK’s largest dealer group Pendragon controls the distribution in the UK, and it is now talking to Vauxhall about how to structure the arrangement.

“They’re touching a lot of people we wouldn’t get to,” Pendragon’s chief operating officer Martin Casha told Fleet Week. Pendragon has previously said it would be using Vauxhall “for information”, and handling the fleet sales itself.

But Casha defended the timing of the move, with it coming several months after the brand’s fleet-focussed BLS model went on sale. “We’ve been getting the BLS onto fleet lists and making sure our lease is as competitive as it can be,” he said, countering criticism of the way Cadillac’s introduction has taken shape. “We’re on the lists of maybe 50 major corporates now.”

Pendragon is currently talking to Vauxhall about how best to work together. “There’s a lot of work to be done, it’s pointless us both going to the same customer,” said Casha, pointing to Pendragon’s 35,000 leasing clients across Pendragon Contracts, Bramall Contracts and new acquisition Vardy Contract Motoring many of which will overlap with Vauxhall’s 250,000-strong address book. “Because of our size, we have a lot of relationships with main corporate clients and user choosers.”

“Cadillac should take advantage of a strong fleet team,” said Vauxhall md Bill Parfitt. “There’s no doubt we will be working with Pendragon to expand fleet sales.”

Cadillac will also look to appoint dedicated corporate personnel in major conurbations including London, Leeds and Manchester once the brand gains a foothold in the UK.