A new tool launched by cap hpi aims to help the leasing sector forecast with more accuracy in what the residual experts describe as an increasingly volatile market.

The new tool, called Portfolio Valuations, allows fleet data to be uploaded and revalued at the touch of a button, while providing visibility of an entire fleet’s current and future value that reflects actual market conditions.

According to the firm, Portfolio Valuations also comes with a full reporting suite and can be easily integrated into other fleet systems.

Cap is also relaunching its budgeting tools SMR Forecast and SMR Actuals, which allow fleet companies to calculate service, maintenance, repair and lifetime running costs. The updated SMR platform aims to provide a clearer comparison function, including vehicle images that help users to quickly identify differences in costs that could affect the overall forecast. It also suggests the nearest competitor derivatives and displays them in a table to help users easily identify variances.

Amanda Morgan, head of fleet at cap hpi, said: “These new tools give users greater control over their budget and spend through more accurate and more accessible forecasting. Developed in partnership with the industry, the tools are designed to be easy to use and provide data in real time.

“By drawing on comprehensive parts data from a variety of trusted sources, cap hpi can predict common faults, when they are likely to occur, and what the parts and labour cost is likely to be, helping to forecast more accurately, future-proof your business and minimise risk. It’s little wonder over half of all leasing companies use our SMR data.”