Online vehicle remarketing and pool fleet management company CD Fleet Service has launched a new inspection service.

The new service, Inspect and Collect, will focus on providing accurate vehicle inspections and the rapid collection of vehicles to minimize downtime during the remarketing phase.

CD said the service will be available to any fleet operator, not just existing customers of the remarketing firm.

CD Fleet Services is partnering with vehicle inspection company Gain Solutions to provide the new service. All vehicle inspections to be are carried out by ex-bodyshop managers, with Gain Solutions claiming to complete vehicle collections within two hours of the inspections.

Inspection reports are then uploaded through the website where they can be viewed instantly by the fleet or lease provider.

“We know from speaking to our customers that often they are not getting accurate condition reports when vehicles come to the end of their contract,” said Andy Brown, managing director of CD Fleet Services.

“Damage is being missed. It is costing the industry money and leading to disputes with drivers and fleet managers.”

Brown added: “There is a clear gap in the market for a better quality service with experienced vehicle inspectors and a properly integrated collection network.”