Veterinary charity PDSA has cut time and costs out of its fleet administration burden by using a mileage audit system to capture and analyse fuel and mileage data.

Using TMC’s online Mileage Audit system, the charity has “substantially” reduced administration time needed to process mileage reports and extract much better data for analysis.

Drivers report their trips directly to the TMC Mileage Audit online system each month. TMC imports fuel card transaction data and combines it with the mileage data to provide accurate figures for fuel consumption, pence per mile costs and other measurements.

PDSA fleet manager Liz Bagnall said: “We now have more time to analyse information, whereas before it was all about inputting it. And we can be smarter in our fuel spend.

“TMC will help us develop our vehicle policies in the future using the data from the Mileage Audit system. For example, we may be able to further reduce fuel costs by reviewing journey details and look to see if we can improve journey planning and mpg rates.”

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