A new data collection app has been launched by Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The software provider says FleetWave Forms stands out by handling a wider range of tasks than just daily driver duties.

The app, which allows users to custom-build data collection forms, can be used to replace any manual or paper-based form, and can also be accessed offline, with automatic uploads as soon as an internet connection becomes available.

Managers can create bespoke data collection tasks using features such as dropdown questions, free text entry, date and time selection, decimals, geolocation stamping, signature capture and barcoding.

They can specify who can access each form based on factors such as driver name, vehicle type, job role and department, and workers can then log in to view their forms, collect information and submit data using either an iOS or Android device.

Users can share and receive documents and information such as vehicle inspections, mobile technician worksheets, driver trip records, business expenses, accident inventories, safety and risk assessments, sales transactions and proof of delivery.

Chevin managing director Ashley Sowerby said: “FleetWave Forms is an easy-to-use mobile data collection solution that bridges the communication gap between a mobile workforce and the back office, working to eliminate paper-based methods of collecting information.

“Relying on manually intensive processes can expose an organisation to risks – not to mention the actual cost and resources involved in managing paper. However, FleetWave Forms helps to improve the management of remote workforces, at the same time reducing administrative tasks and increasing productivity.

“When compared to manual methods of fleet data collection, FleetWave Forms can be up to 92% more cost-effective.”