Citroen has appointed Martin Hamill as head of commercial vehicles and business sector, after his predecessor Charles Peugeot was promoted to the role of sales director.

Hamill was previously Citroen’s national fleet operations manager, responsible for the carmaker’s national area fleet manager team.

He has been with Citroën for 11 years – starting with the company as an area fleet manager, handling Citroën’s fleet car and LCV business in the Midlands. He then moved to the position of commercial manager, working with the dealer network before becoming national fleet operations manager.

In his new role, Hamill is responsible for the continuous development of the recently formed 90+ network of UK Citroën Business Centres and its commercial vehicle operation.

Hamill said: “I am delighted to take up my new role when Citroën is enjoying strong performance in the LCV sector and the network of Business Centres has developed to its current strength.

He added: “As both Citroën’s Business Centre and LCV operations have talented and highly motivated teams successfully implementing well conceived strategies, I see my new role as being the efficient management of evolution rather than revolution, whilst building on the huge potential we still have.”

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