Car club Co-wheels has been awarded a three-year contract to deliver car sharing in Birmingham. 

The social enterprise already has 11 cars in the south of the city, among almost 600 across the UK, and has now taken on a further ten fixed bays in the city centre, with the option to at least double the size of the fleet in future – using both fixed and floating bays in zoned streets, and expanding the service to new areas of the city.

Co-wheels managing director Richard Falconer said: “Birmingham is a brilliant opportunity and we are keen to expand the existing service and grow the membership. 

“This will not only help improve environment-friendly transport options in Birmingham, but also help the city reach its targets to reduce air pollution and CO2.

“We already have a very popular franchise which has been operating in the south of the city for five years and this expansion allows us to offer more vehicles to a much wider audience across the city.” 

Birmingham City Council cabinet member for transport and environment Waseem Zaffar, said: “The introduction of this new expanded car club offering from Co-wheels will support the important work we are doing to tackle air pollution in Birmingham, providing people with access to clean, low-emission vehicles when they need one. 

“An increasing number of Birmingham’s younger population are moving away from traditional car ownership, so car clubs provide them with the flexibility they need when it comes to travel options – and, with national figures showing that each car club vehicle defers the purchase of 11 private cars, it will also help reduce congestion on our city’s road network.”