Faxi, an app that normally facilitates carpooling within organisations, has opened up its platform to allow co-workers to help each other during the coronavirus outbreak.

The app normally works as a mapping service showing users which co-workers are on their route to work to facilitate carpooling. 

During the coronavirus outbreak, any organisation that is already using Faxi can nominate trusted individuals. These individuals will be visible with their locations to those who need support, such as for groceries while self-isolating.

Other organisations can also set up a Faxi community for free for up to 20 users directly from the internet to start creating similar communities.

Tony Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Faxi, said: “Faxi can be used by private communities of workers, who might previously have been using the app for journey sharing, to identify those who are available to help others – and those who need help. 

“We will be working with our clients throughout the emergency period as we are conscious that many local authorities face a monumental task to provide support to the 1.5m vulnerable and we hope to be in a position to support this effort. The whole of Faxi is committed to help in this effort if needed.”