Crash-prone drivers with excessive licence points aren’t being sanctioned by companies, a survey published by leasing firm Alphabet has revealed.

Asked how many licence points would cause a company to stop an employee from driving on business, over half said 12, at which point the State would come to the same decision anyway.

Only 14% of companies would sanction the driver at nine points, with one in 20 meting out draconian punishment at six points.

As for the number of accidents allowed per year, one-fifth of British companies take the keys from a driver when they reached three, while 14% force the hapless driver to pay the insurance excess. Most companies (61%) didn’t have any set accident limit.

The majority of companies polled preferred the stick approach to encourage good driving, with offenders threatened with frequent assessments (14%), extra driver training (14%) and paying the excess. The carrot is less used, but some firms offer a better car (8%) or a bonus (8%) to saintly drivers.