Dental Care at Home has signed up as a member of Co-wheels Car Club, using its shared electric car for business travel across the city of Glasgow.

Dental Care at Home is the largest provider of dental care for care homes in Scotland, and having outgrown its old premises, the business relocated to a new health centre in Glasgow, with a Co-wheels electric vehicle on its doorstep.

The business has a team of dentists and dental hygiene therapists who travel to 19 care homes with more than 900 residents to provide on the spot examinations and care. The team use a Co-wheels Renault Zoe to get to and from appointments, with staff members also either cycling, walking, or driving an electric vehicle into work.

The Co-wheels car club model provides a scalable approach to the business’s travel needs whilst also offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional travel methods.

Mark Fowler, manager of Dental Care at Home, said: “With Glasgow being such a big city, our team of five were keen to find an eco-friendly approach to travel, one that was not only convenient but also cost-effective.

“Having driven an electric vehicle for three years myself, I’m a huge believer in making the switch to electric, and we were excited to become members of the Co-wheels car club – a model which allows flexibility, is scalable and reliable. What’s not to love?

“Using the Co-wheels car club really sets us apart as a business, and our care home residents love that we’re doing our bit to help the environment, championing a greener, forward-thinking approach to travel.”

Richard Falconer, director of Co-wheels, said: “Many Co-wheels members don’t want to add another car to our busy roads and would rather use a shared vehicle when they really need one – and now they have the option to reduce the impact on our environment even more by using a zero emission vehicle.

“With our pay-as-you-go offering Co-wheels is a natural fit for Dental Care at Home to help fulfil its travel needs across Glasgow. Not only is there a designated Co-wheels bay outside the health centre, the Zoe electric car can go the distance as it has sufficient range for city centre driving. It’s really rewarding knowing that Co-wheels is an instrumental cog in the wheel for businesses in Glasgow and across the UK.”