The number of people killed on the roads in Great Britain last year hit a new lowest figure since records began in 1926, with 1754 fatalities, down 8% on 2012.

The number of serious injuries dropped by 0.4% to 23,039 and total number of casualties fell 4% to 195,723.

The total number of accidents that caused an injury fell by 4% to 145,571, while traffic levels fell by 0.4% in the same period.

Of particular interest to business car operators, the number of car accident fatalities dropped by 9% on 2011, totalling 801, with 420 pedestrians and 119 cyclists also losing their lives, along with 362 motorcyclists, although the Department for Transport said some of the reductions could be linked to the unusually wet summer, discouraging cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.