The DfT is giving businesses the opportunity to critique more than 400 Whitehall road transport regulations. It has launched the Red Tape Challenge website – a Government-wide site aimed at reducing bureaucracy, found at – for four weeks.

It asks firms and individuals whether a regulation is well designed and provides vital protections, or is badly designed, badly implemented or just a bad idea.

AA president Edmund King, is to act as a “sector champion” to advise on what regulations should be abolished, and has called for workplace parking levies to be scrapped. King also questioned why driving licences need renewing after 10 years and called for the Dartford tolls to be scrapped.

Another sector champion, John Lewis, chief exec of the BVRLA, thinks the law should be amended to allow vehicle registration documents to be issued electronically, getting rid of much of the “paperwork mountain” fleets have to deal with.

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