A long-awaited solution to the law which requires the fitting of digital tachographs to all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes is expected in the next few days.

The change is for a device that now complies with the law. This device is expected to gain type approval soon and would help those fleets using off-roaders and pick-ups for towing, which then exceed 3.5t.

The problem first came to light late last year when several BusinessCar readers found they were unable to buy new vehicles fitted with digital tachos.

When the law changed last May to make digital tachos compulsory in this sector all but two vehicles were ruled out of the market because they could only use analogue tachos.

At the time a spokesman for the Government agency responsible for this area, the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency, said: “Tachograph manufacturers have developed an adaptor which could enable light vehicles to use digital tachographs. However, under current EU legislation such adaptors would be regarded as manipulation devices and would be illegal.

“We are working closely with our European partners and with the industry to identify a technically and legally sound solution to this problem.”

BusinessCar’s sources have claimed that type approval for this device is on the verge of being approved.

One maker particularly hit by this problem was Land Rover. Speaking at the launch of the revised Defender, brand manager Robin Coglan said that Land Rover could produce vehicles with a digital tacho almost immediately the new approval was in place. Coglan said that digital tachos would be available initially on the Defender and Discovery, but the brand was also planning to make them available on the Freelander.