Norton Motorcycles has introduced an employee salary sacrifice car scheme in partnership with DriveElectric.

The motorcycle manufacturer is offering DriveElectric’s ‘Complete’ salary sacrifice solution to its employees, which includes insurance and early termination protection. A Pod Point 7kW Solo 3 home charger with an exclusive EV tariff can also be included if needed.

Norton Motorcycles head of human resources Rob Ridgway said: “Motorcycles already represent a sustainable way of getting around but giving our ‘Nortoneers’ the option to take an electric car via salary sacrifice amplifies our collective contribution to a decreased carbon footprint and is a lovely additional perk we’re offering to our enthusiastic team.”

DriveElectric managing director Mike Potter said: “I’m delighted that Norton Motorcycles has joined an ever-growing list of organisations that are benefiting from salary sacrifice. 

“Employees can save thousands of pounds per year on new or used EVs, with zero tailpipe emissions minimising impacts on climate change and local air quality. 

“Norton’s employees receive support throughout the journey from our EV experts, ensuring that knowledgeable answers are provided to any questions about electric cars and charging.”