Logistics software provider Ebbon-Dacs, has further enhanced its market-leading electronic vehicle delivery and collection solution, MoDel.

The vehicle delivery software, which managed more than 343,000 vehicle movements in 2019, has benefitted from two new releases in recent days to improve customer messaging and support in anticipation of the lockdown easing.

The BVRLA has been among organisations recently urging for dealerships and other delivery agents to start moving vehicles again in order to unclog the thousands of cars and vans that are congesting the automotive supply chain.

Meanwhile, the Department for Transport has made it clear in a letter to the logistics sector that logistics, including the collection and delivery of vehicles, should carry on during the lockdown, provided that it can be done in accordance with the government’s safety guidelines.

Michael Terry, head of commercial at Ebbon-Dacs, said: “We are starting to see pressure being applied to ease restrictions on vehicle movements and for vehicles to start being delivered again.

“Our message to customers is that, behind the scenes in lockdown, we have been enhancing the functionality of MoDel so that we are ready to help and support that process with new features – and currently have several more projects in the pipeline.

“Alongside these developments, we have also put together a best practice guide for the safe use of MoDel, which details how the system can be utilised effectively whilst social distancing measures remain in place. ” he said.

The first of the two latest releases improves upon the recently released Geo Comms vehicle tracking module, which provides end customers with the ability to track the delivery of their new vehicle.

Now, following customer feedback, users will have the option of sending the tracking link via SMS text message to end-customers to inform them of the delivery driver’s location. This will follow the same process as the current email functionality, and will mean that users will now have more options to keep in touch with their customers.

Also new is a standard messaging suite within the MoDel portal that will enable users to send messages to customers or drivers based upon the status of key jobs within the portal.

Terry added: “We continue to invest heavily in the ongoing development of the MoDel solution with exciting new functionality and features, and provide guidance for our customers in anticipation that lockdown will be eased and vehicle deliveries will start again soon safely and in accordance with government guidelines.”