Rental firm Enterprise Rent-A-Car is urging businesses and public sector organisations to fully understand the details of their van hire contracts.

Danny Glynn, head of Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, explained: “Van rentals are a key component of effective business. They can help generate revenue and are often hired for longer periods than cars.

“That means companies need to understand every aspect of cost and usage right from the beginning if they are to get the perfect fit for the job.”

In addition to considering top-line numbers such as daily or monthly rental rate, the firm is advising van-using businesses to pay attention to other key areas.

These include making sure rental suppliers have national coverage to avoid vehicle downtime, checking that vans can be liveried if necessary and knowing in advance how your rental company manages damage recharging during and at the end of the contract.

Glynn added: “Renting a van isn’t a one-off, short-term cost as is typical with daily rental. It’s often to cover a specific project, which could be anything from a day to several years.

“Most businesses that use vans understand their commercial imperative and know what type of vehicles they need and with what equipment.

“However, the tendering or contract negotiation process is also the time to ask about the details of managing vehicle downtime, accident replacement and damage recharging.”