Europcar has launched a new vehicle subscription service aimed at businesses.

The new DuoFlex service, which offers cars, including electric cars, and also vans, offers a one month minimum contract, with no penalty clause beyond the initial month’s rental.

As well as allowing customers to change the vehicle each month, DuoFlex also allows them to select a second vehicle for two days, twice a month, when the usual vehicle is not fit for purpose – which according to Europcar could be used to encourage electrification by allowing EV drivers to switch to a petrol or diesel vehicle for long trips.

Europcar Mobility Group UK managing director Ron Santiago said: “DuoFlex has been developed to take the crystal ball gazing out of fleet planning, providing companies with the flexibility to tackle fluctuating business mobility needs without financial penalty.

“Many businesses right now don’t want to make financial commitments for company vehicles for three or four years; they simply don’t know what they will need. But they need to keep employees mobile. The DuoFlex one month minimum contract is ideal for these organisations; cash isn’t tied up in lengthy lease agreements. And they can change the vehicle each month as their requirements alter.”

Discussing the appeal of the option to switch to a second vehicle, Santiago said: “It is a perfect fit for field-based sales staff who normally just need to get from A to B in a compact vehicle that is fuel efficient. However, once or twice a month they have to take equipment to an exhibition or a customer presentation. 

“Then something larger – perhaps a van – makes sense. Plus, with the option to add an additional driver to the subscription, the usual vehicle can be used by another member of the team.”