It may come as no real shock, but company car drivers are the UK’s biggest speeding culprits, according to the UK’s number three fleet company LeasePlan.

While previous surveys have assessed that around one in 10 British drivers picked up a speeding ticket in 2005, the leasing firm found that 16,000 of 100,000 fleet drivers had been caught straying over the limit.

“Although companies are not directly responsible for the speeding fines incurred by employees, they have a legal duty of care to reduce risk and ensure that drivers are safe behind the wheel,” said David Brennan, managing director of LeasePlan UK. “Reducing the number of their company car drivers who speed forms a part of this responsibility.”

If the 16% of speeding drivers in LeasePlan’s survey is multiplied across the UK’s 2.7m company car drivers, they will have paid out at least £26m in fines last year.

Brennan called for increased driver training to bring down the number of speeding tickets incurred by fleet drivers, as part of more targeted risk management. “Companies don’t want the situation where key employees are off the road because they have accumulated too many penalty points,” he said. “They also don’t want their insurance bills rising because their drivers have been caught speeding.”