Nissan has opened the first electric vehicle rapid-charge points at motorway service stations, offering drivers three places to charge their vehicles between London and Birmingham.

The rapid-charge points can re-charge cars from empty to 80% in half an hour, depending on the car, and are located in dedicated parking bays at South Mimms services on the M25/A1 junction, at Oxford services on the M40, and Hopwood Park on the M42. The points, supplied by Ecotricity, will be free to use.

“With charging times so vastly reduced, you’ll be able to drive an electric car from London to Birmingham and fill up the battery along the way, in a time not too dissimilar to filling up a petrol car,” said Ecotricity founder Dale Vince.

The firm already runs a network of 14 charging points in Welcome Break motorway service stations connecting London to Bristol and Exeter.

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