A number of business-relevant bills have been confirmed as part of the agenda of Tony Blair’s last year in power.

Today’s Queen’s Speech to open a new session of Parliament confirmed plans to tackle climate change and congestion, as well as pushing through the long-debated Corporate Manslaughter Bill.

The good news on climate change is the Government’s reported plan for a long-term target of cutting CO2 emissions by 60% by 2050, rather than the more immediate annual reduction targets campaigned for by environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth.

The speech outlines the Government’s major priorities over the next year, although there’s no guarantee on how many of the 29 bills named in the programme will make their way to becoming law over the next 12 months. That includes, among other issues, moves to speed up the introduction of nationwide road tolling.

Uncertainty over Tony Blair’s position as Prime Minister has clouded the situation, as there’s nothing to force an incoming leader to work to the same set of priorities set out today.