Freezing winter weather could provide a different set of challenges for company car drivers running electric vehicles (EVs), according to Venson Automotive Solutions.

The firm said that with colder temperatures having the potential to affect EV battery range and charging times, there were steps drivers could take to mitigate the problem.

These include using vehicle precondition functions to heat the cabin in advance of driving, keeping the car plugged in while preconditioning, and keeping the battery charge level between 20% and 80%.

Venson says drivers should also be aware that regenerative braking may be less effective until the battery warms up, and should keep tyres properly inflated, while switching to ‘eco’ driving modes can reduce power to the wheels and in turn reduce the risk of wheel spin.

Venson marketing director Alison Bell added: “Whatever powertrain vehicle you are driving this winter, it is important to prepare your vehicle, so it functions efficiently in adverse driving conditions.

“Not only does it reduce wear and tear, it also helps mitigate against the chances of having an accident due to driving a poorly maintained vehicle.”