Company car drivers are the least environment-friendly group of motorists – and are not improving in a hurry – according to RAC’s 2010 Report on Motoring.

The report reveals that business drivers claim to care about the environment but are doing little to make a difference to climate change. Almost two thirds of fleet drivers say they care about the environmental effects of motoring but their actions suggest otherwise.

The business drivers polled seem to be looking to Government to encourage their driving behaviour to become greener, with 73% suggesting that better tax incentives would make them more willing to consider an eco-friendly car.

And yet, when it comes to Government priorities, company drivers’ concerns come back to their pockets and the state of the roads.

A quarter want to see politicians tackling the cost of motoring while almost half (42%) want to see Government action on improving the quality and condition of UK roads. Only 12% think legislators should be focusing on the environmental impact of motoring.

When it comes to selecting their next company vehicle, only just over a quarter (26%) say they will definitely consider a more environment-friendly model. For about half (53%), going for a greener vehicle is a “maybe” right now.

Almost a third (32%) of fleet drivers admitted not caring about the emissions of their next company vehicle and nearly half (46%) won’t be looking for a smaller vehicle when replacing their current car, compared to a third of private motorists.

The fleet sample for the report had to be boosted by 35 after the initial poll did not have sufficient company car driver numbers. Despite this, fleet motorists only account for around 10% of interviews – 109 in a total sample of 1150 drivers.

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