Teletrac Navman has introduced a new tool designed to help fleets to plan and implement EV transitions.

The Electric Vehicle Evaluator (EVE) platform is designed to use telematics data and predictive analytics to build a plan for decarbonisation.

It covers three key areas: feasibility planning, financial planning, and infrastructure design. Respectively, this includes helping to identify vehicles suitable for electric transition based on trip data, with optimum battery and charger types; a detailed TCO analysis comparing EVs with ICE vehicles; and modelling the most efficient charging infrastructure for the business’s needs.

EVE is complemented by Teletrac Navman’s new Sustainability Dashboard, which is designed to help fleet managers monitor progress against their decarbonisation targets.

Teletrac Navman head of global product management and UX Mayank Sharma said: “Fleets all over the globe are facing pressures to change to low carbon energy types in an efficient and cost-effective way, without disrupting business operations – it can be overwhelming. 

“We have designed EVE to help fleet managers navigate the journey to alternative energy by simplifying what can be a very complex process.”